Freelance Projects

Freelance Projects

AR International Transportation

A&R Intentional is a freight hauling “BigShot” company based in Indianapolis, IN that handles freights worldwide. ARI was looking for a way to expand their presence and welcome more clients. This meant being reachable to all looking for hauling. Working with ARI, we were able to grow traffic by 20% and increase sales by another 7%. While integrating with social media, we were able to reach a larger audience. Also, adding chat functionality to the website, we were able to keep the customer experience free-flowing with any questions needing to be answered.

KG Online Apparel

Keepem Guessin is an online clothing store that ships worldwide. Established in 2010, KG saw more and wanted more for their business and brand. Creating an online store allowed KG to provide a better catalog for consumers to digest with all products in one place categorized for easy access. A more efficient inventory-tracking was established, along with the ability to send special offers to returning customers and subscribed customers.

Bella Ame hair Co.

Bella Ame is a well-known brand around Indianapolis, In. Bella Ame services clients from kids to adults. Specializing in twists and locs. Check out this beautiful site if you are looking to create an online booking site for your clientele. We were able to help grow clients and reduce the hassle of booking via a third-party site. Customize your site, send out promotions, or even send out an update about hair products and care. Do it all here!

IAMW - In a Major Way Fitness

Enjoy writing blogs and want to share your experiences with the world. Start your own blog today with easy access to update content at your will without knowing how to code a single line. IAMW is a combination of eCommerce and blogging. Why limit yourself? 

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